Me on stage at CTA Conf in Vancouver

What I’m up to now:

More about me:

I was born and raised in Idaho (northwest USA). After spending my university years in Seattle, I’ve settled back in Idaho, very near to where I grew up. I love the calmer pace of life in a small town, and I am extremely lucky to have a workplace that allows me to work from where I’m happiest, which is at home, headphones on, typing away on my keyboard.

I’m in the lucky spot to be a full-time marketer, leading the Buffer team, and a full-time dad to one very awesome kid. My wife and I love books and games and snow and travel. I’ve never met a side project I didn’t like. Current distractions include: building websites, learning piano, writing novels, and reblogging dog Tumblrs.

How I spend my days:

I lead a marketing team of 10 high-performing individuals.

Among those 10, eight report directly to me (I do eight 1:1s per week) and two have dotted-line reporting to me. Much of my week is spent talking, connecting, encouraging, and strategizing.

I fully own marketing strategy and vision for Buffer. But I do miss the individual contributor work! I grew up as a Maker, and so I’ve held onto some Maker moments each week. At the moment, I do product marketing for two of our products, I run our company blog, and I organize swag. Ask me next week, and those duties might be different!

The most important lesson I’ve learned as a leader:

I have learned to trust my teammates to do amazing work.

Who or what inspires me:

I’m inspired by my family, I’m inspired by my teammates. I’m inspired by those with less privilege than I have, who achieve great things and make the world a better place to be. I hope I can do my part to help!

Where I hang out online

I’m on Twitter and Instagram.

And you can email me anytime at