How we set a budget, 2020

Over the years, I’ve experienced many different types of budgets: from loose to tight, from robust to non-existent. I’m proud to say that Buffer has developed an organized, clear approach to budget-setting. We’re much further toward the tight and robust side of the spectrum than the loose and non-existent (though we’ve been on that end […]

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Goals for 2020.

Goal-setting is a blast. Goal follow-through is something else. I don’t lose much sleep over wayward goals. They simply float away, far from mind. So what’s the value in setting them at all? I find it to be a rhythm and reset, a way to check in with myself and see what I want to […]

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It’s unfair that the most sensitive and vulnerable people censor themselves the most. It means that all the work we see is by confident people — and confident people aren’t better people than sensitive people.

— Liana Finck on the Longform podcast

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