Among the dozens and hundreds of great social media news sources out there, here are the few that I make a regular part of my routine. I believe strongly in the power of an information diet, so I’m constantly refining this list of go-to news sources.

If you’ve got a suggestion for me, please do leave a comment here or @kevanlee on social.

When it comes to social media news, these are the sites that help me stay on top of the trends, stories, and strategies.

Social media news websites and newsletters

Sites I check weekly

Social Media Today

One of the better aggregators for social media news. Most articles link out to the original reporting on other sites, though there are some categories of unique-to-SMT content.


For the latest rumors and changes to social media, Matt Navarra (@mattnavarra) is a must-follow. He’s the only one I check regularly, though there are some Twitter lists that I’ve used in the past.

Digiday marketing

Ad Age digital

Newsletters I’m subscribed to

The Intercept by Casey Newton

Casey is a reporter with the verge, and his Monday-thru-Thursday email covers the intersection between platforms and politics. There’s a lot of talk about Facebook, social networks, democracy, and policy. It’s some good food for thought for macro trends and news. (Example)

Hiten Shah’s Product Habits

The newsletter includes essays and emails from Hiten as well as a 1x week newsletter with links to product and marketing stories. It’s an amazing cheat sheet for what’s trending in SaaS, and it’s a great education for learning more about product management.

Product Hunt daily

The newsletter does a good job of covering top tech stories in their intro as well as featuring the latest Product Hunt hunts. Often, these hunts might have a social media bent or be a launch from a tool in the social media space or SaaS in general.

Newsletters about the DTC marketing space

Sites I check occasionally

Newsletters I’ve enjoyed in the past

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