My favorite books of 2019

In past years, my book goal has been volume: read lots and lots of books as fast as I can.

This year, I wanted to try something a bit different. I started off 2019 with a goal of reading big, long books — the types of books I normally give up on because they take forever to get through. I made it through three of them. (One appears in my favorites list; 33% success rate isn’t bad.) Then I started re-reading books that I previously loved. I made it through two. After that, I took on a yearlong book challenge mid-way through the year, retroactively trying to fit certain books into certain categories.

Long story short, my year of reading was unlike any previous year of reading and taught me that there is no one “right” way to read books. I was lucky enough to read 62 books, despite my fits and starts. So at least part of me still loves volume.

Here are a few of my favorites, as well as a full list of everything I read. Let me know any you want to talk about.

You can see last year’s list here, as well as 2017 and 2015 (but not 2016 for some reason).

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Favorite books of 2018.

Out of all the books you read in a given year, what percentage do you LOVE?

My rate was pretty high this year, higher than past years. I also read more than I ever have before: 105 books. My keys to reading a lot kinda seem like cheating: 1) read a big variety including graphic novels and kids’ books, 2) read short books to keep up your momentum, and 3) quit a book when you’re not enjoying it. Nevertheless, I made it through 100, and liked and loved a majority.

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All the books I read in 2017 and five of my favorites

Funny enough, I didn’t read books until I started working at Buffer four years ago. I read a lot of magazines (and still secretly want to start my own someday), but books never quite held the same allure for me. I guess I have a lot of ground to make up. This year I read 85 books.

Here are a few of my favorites, as well as a full list of everything I read.

If you’re ever curious to see what I’m reading, I keep track of everything on Tumblr and in my Amazon wishlist.

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