The future of Brand Experience (BX)

1. How do direct-to-consumer businesses grow today? They build remarkable brands.

2. If you ask leaders at some of the biggest DTC businesses in the world for their keys to success, they will invariably start with brand. Brand is the native language of the new DNVB industry. It is the single biggest differentiator in the fight against entrenched, behemoth companies. Brand is everything for these companies.

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The Trello boards I use every week to stay organized and on top of things


As a marketer and manager, I have a lot of things to track, projects to manage, and people to help. I used to organize everything in dozens of different places or — eep — by keeping it all in my head.

No surprise: this didn’t work.

Trello works!

Here are the three boards that I use most often these days. I hope you might find some inspiration here, and I’d love for you to grab the Trello templates and use them yourself!

Note: For even more Trello inspiration, their team has collected a huge number of popular Trello templates that you can make your own.

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