Marketing predictions for 2019.

1. Micro content is back.

Not everyone has time for longform, 2,500-word, SEO-heavy articles. What people do have time for is short stuff. Think: 500-word articles, recaps of stories, daily roundups, etc. Summaries will reign in 2019. When creating content, keep in mind that attention spans are short, and we’re in the golden age of multitasking. Abbreviate, abbreviate, abbreviate.

Examples: Sip by Product Hunt, the Reforge blog, New York Times’ The Daily, Quartz Brief.

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Against Resilience

You’ve had a rotten day, a rotten week. Something in your personal life isn’t going your way, or something at work is eating at you.

What do you do with those feelings?

You bury them.

You ignore them.

You push them down, and you get work done.

After all, you are Resilient.

Wait, wait, wait …. really? Is that what resilience has become?

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Buzz vs. bucks

The difference between doing cool stuff and doing stuff that gets results. Does there need to be a difference?

Note: This is a message I shared internally with the Buffer marketing team. I’m excited to make it transparent here (with a few edits for clarity). You can check out more transparent articles here.

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