Smart goal-setting in action: How to make progress on a giant goal

When it comes to breaking down a gigantic goal into actionable, measurable steps, things can feel a bit daunting. To quote Carl Sagan:

If you wish to make apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.

No pressure, right!

Similarly, what if you have one of these goals:

  • Grow Monthly Active Users (MAUs) by 10x
  • Increase Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) 50% year-over-year
  • Dominate the customer service market
  • Reposition your brand to serve the Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) space

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Goals for 2019.

Every new year, I come up with ambitious new goals to pursue … then forget about them as soon as February. But! I like to think that the act of goal-setting, anytime, allows the goals to seep into my subconscious where they drive my secret unknown behavior all year long. Because when I happen upon my annual goals sometime in November, they never seem all that alien. In fact, I’ve typically accomplished several, unbeknownst to me.

With such a limp-and-loose approach to goal follow-through, I like to think that it affords me some flexibility to how I go about setting my goals each new year.

You can see previous years here: 20132014201520162017, 2018.

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On setting ambitious goals

To train a flea, begin with a jar and a lid.

Place the flea in the jar, twist the lid on top, and the flea jumps all the way to the top, hitting the lid again and again. Over time, you’ll notice that the flea continues to jump but no longer high enough to hit the top.

At this point, you can take the lid off the jar. The flea will never again jump high enough to jump out of the jar. They can’t. They have trained themselves to jump only so high, and once trained, that’s all they’re able to do.