The Psychology of People Management: How to Motivate People to Be Their Best

Two months into my new management gig, and I very nearly made a huge mistake. 

There I was, blind to the strengths of my teammate, trying stubbornly to fit the teammate into a role he did not want. I was failing him as a manager, and worse, I was projecting my management failure onto him. I, the mighty manager, must be right; he must be the one failing.

I realized my mistake after a series of hard conversations and a bundle of self-reflection. I realized it just in time. Not only had he yet to write off me or the company, he was still so gracious and warm-hearted as to become a trusted colleague and amazing part of our team, thriving in the role I should have been more aware of all along.

My mistake was one of hubris, definitely, but it was also one of ignorance.

I didn’t know how to manage people.

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The 10 Most Common Fallacies and Biases for Marketing Leaders

These are the fallacies and biases that plague all of us and are particularly trippy for marketing leaders.

They are the infamous “unknown unknowns,” which I am hoping — by virtue of this blog post — may now at least be known a bit better.

For a full list of fallacies and biases, I highly recommend the book The Art of Thinking Clearly. It’s been foundational for the customer research we do at Buffer and for the way we approach problems as clear-minded as possible (we think). Many of the fallacies below were pulled from the book.

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